Taking Your First Trip to Italy? Don’t Miss This Free Special Report

Are you planning your first trip to Italy this year? I’ve got a fantastic and free resource for you! This is a project I have wanted to work on for a long time – I love helping first time visitors to Italy learn how to navigate their way around – and the folks at Perillo Tours gave me the opportunity by asking me to author their FREE eReport The First Timer’s Guide to Italy.

First, I’ll tell you what it is NOT. It is NOT a guide to where to stay or where to eat. It IS a guide to how to plan your trip. I start out by going over what destinations should be on a first-timer’s itinerary and what specific sites to see within those destinations.

I then get into some very practical advice such as:

  • the pros and cons of hotels vs. villas
  • how to get cash or charge purchases in Italy without paying huge fees
  • how to use your cell phone in Italy or other options for calling home very cheaply
  • where to buy the best authentic Italian products
  • what you need to know before planning your visits to churches and museums
  • what to expect an a restaurant in Italy
  • how to get around and when it makes sense to rent a car
  • what quirky characteristics to look for in Italian society
  • and much, much more

Visit Perillo’s Web site and immediately download your free copy of The First Timer’s Guide to Italy written by yours truly!