New Italian Market on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

There’s nothing you want more when you return from an Italian trip than to continue to eat as well as you did in Italy. That task isn’t made any easier by the fact that truly great Italian food stores can be few and far between when you get outside of America’s major cities. If you’re anywhere near Maryland’s Eastern Shore, head for the brand new Piazza Italian Market in Easton.

The folks behind the new store are aiming for something more than a traditional Italian deli, by providing the whole experience of an Italian alimentari – a local grocery store much like that you would find in Verona, Milan or Naples. Along with typical Italian deli meats and sandwiches, the store also offers high quality fresh, dried, and frozen pasta, extra virgin Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegars, hard to find Italian cheeses, and a wide selection of canned and jar products such as pesto, mostarda, Italian tomatoes, and locally grown Italian fruits and vegetables in season.

As the best food stores often do Piazza Italian Market aims to educate its customers about Italian cusine. To that end, the owners are hosting monthly events such as olive oil tastings and cheese pairings.