Why This Subscriber Loves Dream of Italy

There’s nothing that makes my day more than an unsolicited e-mail from a happy Dream of Italy subscriber. And this one from earlier this week really put a smile on my face. Juanita is talking about the FREE BONUS Berlitz 4-CD language course that’s part of our best subscription deal ever – and part of our holiday gift subscription package (there’s still time to order!):

Dear Kathy–Link Many thanks for the wonderful Berlitz Italian language CD. I listen every day in the car and found that this particular method is the best—–I also have the Pimsler set that I bought a few months ago, but I like the Berlitz better. This seems to provide much better review and repetiton of the lessons —–works for me !!!!

Thank you for this and for all the wonderful information your provide us. I love each and every issue which are highlighted or flaged or catalogued by subject /region in my growing library of booklets! Congratulations to you and your staff–keep up the great work.

Buon Natale
Your faithful subscriber,
Juanita Megaro