Salone del Gusto: Lunch in Liguria

Every region in Italy has a booth at Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto. Some are bigger than others but many of them have restaurants where visitors can have lunch or dinner. How to snag a table is harder at some regional restaurants than others; Sicily for instance seemed to have a popular restaurant.

Just across the way, I decided to sit down for a quick bit to eat in Liguria. Most of my fellow lunch goers were staying for at least several courses, but I thought a great pasta course would do me well before continuing to explore the massive number of stands I hadn’t seen.

What’s Liguria famous for? Well, pesto of course so that’s what I had — trofiette al pesto. I pre-paid 8 euros for my one course and was escorted to a table where I was served a bottle of water and a glass of wine (included in the price). In a few minutes, a piping hot plate of fresh pasta with pesto, small pieces of potato and pine nuts appeared. It was just what I needed to get some energy for the rest of the day.