September 2008 – Special Report: Villa Rentals II

cover-sept08 What I Learned from Slow Travel
When Pauline Kenny started a Web site, little did she know that it would grow into the best vacation rental review site on the Web making her an expert on Italian villa rentals. She has personally rented in Italy some 20 times and shares her behind-the-scenes advice, especially on the great debate whether to rent from an agency or directly from an owner.

How to Find a Good Villa Rental Agency
Villa rental agencies for Italy are not created all created equal; they come in all shapes and sizes. We tell what to look for and what to ask when you’re

Recommendations for Rental Agencies, Apartment and Villas in Italy
The best part of this special report – a listing of over 50 agencies, apartments and villas that we’ve tried and recommend – from apartments rentals in Rome to villas overlooking the Amalfi Coast

Villa Rentals: Tips for First-Timers
Never rented an apartment or villa abroad before? No worries! Here are six things to do to insure a hassle-free experience renting in Italy.

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