Tourist Calls Police Over 10-Euro Sandwich

10 euros for a panino? Believe it: A British tourist reported a bar in the Sicilian seaside village of Tusa to police after he was handed a bill for 30 euro for three sandwiches, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

“We told the cashier there had been a mistake, but he said everything was correct and that we had to settle the bill,” said an Italian who was with the British tourist. “I pointed out that these were sandwiches with salami and certainly not caviar or salmon, but tension was brewing so we paid up.”

The complaints over the pricey panini have not gone unnoticed: the mayor of Tusa, Angelo Tudisca, apologized to the tourists on behalf of the city, and promised to shed light on the bar owner and his costly sandwiches. “What happened was serious, and we will intervene,” Tudisca promised.

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