Say “Ciao” to the Chow(-down): Rome Bans Snacking at Monuments This Summer

Dreaming of eating a panini while sitting on the Spanish Steps or enjoying a gelato with your stroll through the Roman Forum? Think again, says Roman officials, who have banned eating and drinking at the historical sites in Rome’s city center from July 10th until the end of October of this year.

The ordinance, which also cracks down on the homeless, drunks, litterbugs and noisy nighttime revelers who cause disturbances in central areas, warns that unless such actions are brought under control, they will “irreparably damage the preservation of historical and art areas and monuments and the possibility to enjoy them.” Many are frustrated with the no-snacking ordinance, which is not posted publicly in the protected monuments, yet raises a hefty fine: 50 euros ($80) if disobeyed, which may make you think twice before swiping a lick of that gelato at the Pantheon! — Justine Gregory