June 2008 – Gubbio, Viterbo, Milan


Popes, Pizza & Thermal Baths in Viterbo
This Lazio city just 60 miles from Rome offers a welcome respite from the Eternal City’s tourists. You’ll be greeted by legends of popes, one of the best-preserved groups of medieval buildings in Europe and lovely thermal baths.

Gubbio: A City of More Than Just Silence
This Umbrian city has a reputation as a “city of silence,” but there’s more than meets the eye, or ear, here including incredible gastronomy and a chance to participate in a truffle hunt.

A Tale of 7 Stars and A Butler
What’s it like to stay in a 7-star hotel with your own butler? What makes a property earn 7 stars? Our writer tests out Europe’s only uber-luxury hotel in Milan.

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