Found: Peanut Butter Gelato in Rome

I was in Rome for just one night a few weeks back. As I’m superstitious, I still pop by the Trevi Fountain to throw a coin in the fountain to ensure my return to the Eternal City. While walking away from the fountain, I had a craving for gelato so headed into the nearest gelateria. It happened to be Gelateria Valentino where of all things I discovered…peanut butter gelato!

Many of you already know that peanut butter is virtually unfound anywhere in Europe. I asked the owner what prompted him to carry such a flavor. “Americans like peanut butter. It is not so easy to find. I make it right here in the back,” he said. He’s been serving it up for the last three years. I LOVE peanut butter, so I tried it. It was good, but not quite the rich peanutbutter-y flavor I love. Still, worth a try if you’re a peanut butter lover like me!