What I Was Doing in Sardinia…

I’m still fighting jet lag and the dreaded re-entry but have terrific memories of my most recent visit to Italy. Along with a small group of other journalists, I was invited by the Italian Travel Promotion Council, an association the leading American tour operators in Italy, to explore the island of Sardinia. We were hosted by Riccardo Strano, director of the Italian Government Tourist Board (pictured with me at a dinner) and Luisa Anna Depau, the assessore of Regione Sardegna.

I was the only writer who had been to Sardinia before. Ten years ago, while I was living in London, my mom met me in Italy and we took a hydrofoil from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia (this time, we took a short flight) to Olbia on the northern coast of the island. We rented a Mercedes, the only automatic car we could get, and my (dramatic) mother was firmly convinced this would attract the attention of banditos. (Many, many years ago, there were brigands in the interior of the island.) Needless to say, the only danger we faced might have been some sharp turns on coastal roads!

I wanted to return to Sardinia, in part, because of the colors. The ocean is a mesmerizing turquoise that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. The earthy tones of the giant rocks lining the shore contrast with the water in a stunning way. While you’ll see cactus here and there, many parts of the interior feature lush green hills. And then there was the food, I couldn’t wait to munch on some carta di musica (carasau in dialect), a thin, crunchy shepherd’s bread that’s often served with THE most delicious fresh soft, unsalted ricotta you will ever taste (with a dab of honey on top).

Join me for a journey through some of the highlights… Andiamo!