The Sheep and Sheepdogs of Sardinia

I spent the last week on the island of Sardinia on a trip sponsored by The Italian Travel Promotion Council – an association of the largest and most reputable Italy tour operators in the United States. We traveled from one corner of the island to the other and I’ll be be posting tidbits from the trip (look for a full newsletter issue on Sardinia later this year) on the blog this week – I’m now in Tuscany. Feels a little bit if it is Monday, it must be Val d’Orcia (more on this stop to come); somehow, no one feels sorry for me, I know.

Some of my favorite moments in Sardinia were our encounters with nature and the animals of the island. The number of sheep on the island (their milk is used for the delicious Pecorino Sarda cheese) clearly outnumber the number of people. Here are my favorite photos from the trip. A sheepdog and his charges – one of whom clearly loves him and just might think he’s a fellow sheep:

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