Free Airfare to Italy with Select Perillo Tours

Many of our regular readers have been to Italy at least once or twice and enjoy planning their own trips and the possibility of the unexpected along the way. But not all travelers like to do so much work and aren’t so adventurous, especially many Italy first-timers. For them, I sometimes recommend a fully inclusive, escorted tour by Perillo Tours. They’ve been in the business for generations, have all the contacts necessary for a seamless trip and take you by the hand from the beginning, even providing nearly every meal. It is a nice trip especially for grandparents taking their grandchildren to Italy for the first time.

To help get you to Italy this summer, Perillo Tours is offering free airfare to Italy on Eurofly on select tours this summer. The free airfare is available for the following tour dates:

  • Vesuvius Tour: July 27, 2008 departure date: 10 days to Rome, Florence and Naples.
  • South & Sicily Tour: July 30, 2008 departure date: 14 Days to Palermo, Taormina, Naples and Rome.
  • Aristocrat Tour: August 19, 2008 departure date: 11 days to Venice, Florence and Rome.

(A nominal fuel surcharge and departure taxes are not included.)

And if you’d like to do some armchair traveling to Italy, Perillo-style, check out the music of third generation owner Steve Perillo, whom many don’t know is an accomplished composer. I know Steve but didn’t know of his immense talent until this week. Surf to, click on Perillo Radio and choose “Napoli.” This composition evokes the chaos and vitality you will recognize as Naples. Whimsy and fantasy balance nostalgia and the darker moments of Neapolitan life in this song that truly captures the essence of a complex place.