Venice: Work Out As The Gondoliers Do!

Venice’s Hilton Molino Stucky has introduced a unique fitness program with a distinctively Venetian flavor: Gondolier Training! The first-of-its-kind Molino Stucky Gondolier Training provides an intense full body workout, as well as a rare glimpse into one of Venice’s timeless traditions. Participants are taught the basics, from the physical technique of balancing and using the oar, to etiquette and conduct expected from a licensed gondolier. The training session culminates with a visit to the Venice Squero, the old factory where gondolas are still produced to this day. Every new gondolier is presented with a fitted black-and-white striped shirt, a lasting token of her or his initiation to the field. Lessons cost 360 euros per gondola (carrying two guests) for a three-hour session. For more information, call (39) 041 2723311 or e-mail

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