Italians Celebrate Christmas with Food, You Can Too!

Food is an essential part of the Italian experience. What do Italians eat during holiday celebrations?

  • Christmas Eve: The meal centers on fish, in the Catholic tradition to abstain from meat the night before a major holiday. La Vigilia di Natale (the vigil) is also called The Feast of the Seven Fishes. The origin of the “seven” is somewhat of a mystery. Some say it comes from the number of sacraments; others say it relates to the phase of the moon (seven days). Some families even serve 13 fish dishes, one for Jesus and one for each of the 12 apostles.
  • After Midnight Mass: Families return home for pannetone (the dome-shaped fruit cake that originated in Milan) and Prosecco (sparkling wine).
  • Christmas Day: Italians eat tacchino (turkey), which arrived in Europe in the mid-16th century, or fagiano (pheasant). Dessert consists of countless cakes and cookies such as pandoro (a light, golden cake from Verona) and rococco (crisp almond rings). 

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