Find Religion…in Abruzzo

Abruzzo has so many facets and one of them is that is an incredible place for seeing religious relics. Here’s an excerpt from our special report:

The town of Lanciano is home to the first Eucharistic miracle recorded by the Catholic Church. During an 8th century mass, after the consecration, the host was turned into human flesh and the wine was turned into human blood. Scientific tests have revealed that the flesh now housed in the Church of San Francesco is muscular tissue of the heart and although over 1250 years old, it contains all of the chemical properties of freshly shed blood. Interesting the flesh and blood have the same blood type (AB) that has been detected on the Shroud of Turin. (39-0872-713189)

For over three centuries, visitors have come to the town of Manoppello to see a thin veil reported to bear the impression of the face of Jesus Christ. In 1506, an angel appeared to a local resident and gave him the veil. Some theologians now think it is the veil of Veronica once housed at the Vatican. The veil is kept in a case above the main altar at the Sanctuary of the Holy Face (Volto Santo). (39-085-859118)

Newsletter Issue: Dream of Italy’s Special Report – Abruzzo