November 2007 – Special Report: Abruzzo


Abruzzo: Italy As It Once Was
An introduction to the region and why it is still much like it was in the past – natural and authentic. Thirty percent of the region is covered by national parks and nature reserves making it the greenest region in Europe.

Cool Places to Stay in Abruzzo
From an ancient castle to a chic inn in a revitalized mountain town to a green design resort on the beach, check out these places to stay. Also a list of tour companies who specialize in the region.

Fortresses, Candy and Festivals: Towns to Visit
See a fortress with stunning views and Italy’s narrowest street in Civitella del Tronto. Find out why snakes love Castelli. Eat sweet confetti candy in Sulmona. Learn about the bloody World War II battle that took place in Ortona.

There’s Something for Everyone in Abruzzo
The region of Abruzzo is a popular destination for skiing and beach vacations. There are numerous sights of interest to religious pilgrims. A few companies now offer cooking vacations specializing in Abruzzese cuisine!

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