Italy Named Best Honeymoon Destination

Italy has been named the #1 honeymoon destination in Modern Bride magazine’s annual “World’s Best Honeymoons” survey. Is it any wonder?

Early this year, I interviewed Monica Larner, author of In Love, In Italy, and asked her what exactly makes Italia so romantic?

“A very big part of what makes Italy so romantic is that fact that we – as foreigners – and the Italians themselves recognize it as romantic. It’s a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy in which we pay extra attention to the romance that the country offers: the fact that “Rome” spelled backwards is “amor;” the fact that this was the stomping ground of Saint Valentine and the fact that many of the icons of romance – from Sophia Loren to Ruldolf Valentino are Italian. Italy has sex appeal in spades: from fairytale castles to pristine beaches and three very macho and temperamental volcanoes,” Larner said. (Click here to read more of the interview.)

I think everyone should take an Italian honeymoon and I’m here to help you plan your own honeymoon (I’m working on one as I right this moment) or romantic Italian journey through The Italian Dream Concierge.