This October: “The Secret” Meets “Under the Tuscan Sun”

So many of us barely have time to pick up our dry cleaning let alone set aside the time and space to ask ourselves the questions: “What do I want?” and “What’s next?” What if a new type of journey could give you this much-needed time and space — and also give you the chance to experience the colors, flavors, history and serenity of Tuscan culture? I’ve collaborated with my friend and my own personal success coach Margarita Rozenfeld to create The Tuscany Visioning Retreat at the exquisite La Foce estate October 21 to 27, 2007. I invite you to join us to explore your personal and professional visions and create a roadmap for making those dreams a reality. Margarita will teach us how to apply the laws of attraction and the power of intention — as featured in the recent hit DVD “The Secret.”


I visited La Foce a few months ago to personally inspect the property and plan our activities for the week. To say that I was blown away, would be an understatement. In about 20 visits to Italy, this is truly one of the top 10 places I have seen in all these years. For this reason, and so many others, you don’t want to miss the chance to fill one of the remaining spots for the retreat. We’re only taking a small group so don’t hesitate to find out more about The Tuscany Visioning Retreat!

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