June 2007 – Bergamo, Rome Hotels, Seliano Cooking School

cover-june2007Alta or Bassa: Bergamo Enchants
Bergamo is a city of marvels,” said architect Frank Lloyd Wright. “It
is amazing; it stuns whoever comes near it.”

Nights in the Eternal City: Four Fabulous Rome Hotels
New 4- and 5-star Rome hotels that delight, including one 4-star for
under 200 euros per night!

Arthur Schwartz’s Cook at Seliano
Stay at a water buffalo farm in Campania and learn to make luscious
regional cuisine while touring the area.

What’s Old is New Again: Site Opening, Reopenings
Sicilian cathedral reopens after 11 years; famous Venice clock tower
restored; Rome museums reopen; Pompeii opens 10 excavated houses – this summer

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