Stray Animals in Italy Urgently Need Your Help

Anyone who knows me or has followed my work closely knows that my two passions in life are ITALY and DOGS (as well as animals in general). It is so difficult to see how many stray animals there are in Italy and how abandoning one’s pet before vacation seems to be a common occurrence among Italians. I have LONG wanted to do something to help — besides feeding strays when I can. In the past, I have done Internet searches looking for Italian rescue groups but haven’t come up with much.

Today I learned about The Anglo-Italian Society for the Protection of Animals (leave it to the Brits – they love their pets – when I lived in London, one of my favorite shows was “Pet Rescue” – I know, I know). It looks like they are really helping Italy’s strays. They have issued an urgent appeal for funds for a rescue vehicle. I plan to donate and hope you do too!!

A parting thought: If we can’t take care of our smallest and most helpless creatures, what kind of advanced society are we, really?