Fair and Expo Fun in Trieste This June

Have you ever wanted to see the Adriatic city of Trieste, but weren’t sure what to do there? Here’s your opportunity to not only experience the local culture, but to dabble in the cultures of 15 other countries at the same time! Fiera Trieste presents its International Trade Fair June 9th to 17th. Expect to see “lots of local and foreign craft items, regional products, art and clothes, artistic design, a whole variety of handmade articles.” The 9-day long exposition will showcase 190 exhibitors from 16 countries and will be divided into four main areas of interest: tourism and wellness; handicrafts and exotic item designs; regional food and wine specialties; and ideas for the home.

OR, olive oil is just as good a reason as any. Olio Capitale has partnered with the Associazione Nazionale Citta’ dell’ Olio to host the Top Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Expo in Trieste this June. This new event will bring together experts in the field of olive oil production both from Italy and abroad. Side events include a lecture on olive-oil-based confectioneries, a technical seminar on the process of extraction, and a master demonstration on frying oils and high temperatures. The Olio Capitale Expo will take place in Piazzale de Gasperi, 1 in Trieste June 10, 11 and 12. Admission is free. — Laura Cimperman