The Two Sides of Capri

Tuesday, May 1 is a holiday in Italy thus providing Italians with a four-day weekend and it seems everyone is seeking out the sun, sand and the start of summer. This weekend is something like the equivalent of our Memorial Day Weekend. Striving to “do as the Italians do,” I headed to the Amalfi Coast and yesterday spent the day on Capri. That is me and my thousand or so closest possible friends. Mama mia! Below, the a photo essay of sorts (via my Blackberry camera phone) on the “two sides of Capri”…

A shot of “the green grotto.” It was just about warm enough to swim and I would have had I been wearing my bathing suit. We took a private boat tour around the island with a wonderful native Caprese. I’ll tell you how you can do the same in an upcoming issue.

But on land, it was a different story. This was the crowd waiting for the funicular from Anacapri to Marina Grande. If I have never been convinced that Italians are horrible at forming and waiting in lines, I am a true believer now.