Want to Move to Italy? A House For Sale in Umbria

I know many, many, many of you dream of living in Italy, whether for a few months a year or permanently. While many of you want to live, “under the Tuscan sun,” that dream is an incredibly expensive one these days. In fact, when I interviewed Stew Vreeland of Seeyouinitaly.com for DOI’s article “Where to Buy Your Own Tuscan Hideaway,” Stew recommended buying in Umbria, as he has and now helps many expats do as well.

And here’s an affordable way to do it – my new friends Barb and Art Skinner (I just interviewed them for something I am writing on retiring in Italy) are selling their lovely 1100 square foot Umbrian house in the town of San Venanzo (pictured above). Barb and Art LOVE San Venzano– conveniently located 45 minutes from Orvieto, Perugia and Assisi — and have really been embraced by the citizens there. They’re not leaving the town, just moving into an apartment instead. Their house is priced at 195,000 euros. Forget even getting something at anywhere near this price in Tuscany. Click here for tons of details and photos.