Taking the Family to Rome

Travel writer Ann Cochran chronicles her trip to Rome with her adult children on the Executive Traveler Web site. I know many of you are planning the same kind of trip this summer and Ann chronicles how she found affordable lodging for all as well as set up the ground rules for how much the group would do together.

Ann and family chose the 3-star Hotel Luxor near Piazza della Repubblica. “We paid 130 euros per double, 90 for singles, at a time when there weren’t many options available for less than 200 euros in central Rome,” she writes.

Here’s how the group handled logistics: “We were an eight-pack for special tours and dinner. Otherwise, everyone felt free to explore on their own, catch up on work or e-mail at an Internet café, or search for a new museum or more comfortable pair of shoes. What often happened was that one group would discover something, like the botanical gardens in Trastevere, and the others would go later in the week.”

Ann enlisted the best tour guide in Rome – probably in all of Italy – Enrico Bruschini! You can read about him in our FREE sample issue.