Join Us for The Tuscany Visioning Retreat This October!

This October 21, join Dream of Italy at The Tuscany Visioning Retreat, a week-long experience held at the famous La Foce estate in Italy’s Val d’ Orcia. Our cultural and personal journey that will delight your senses, engage your mind, reinvigorate your spirit and feed your soul. You will be captivated by the magical sights, sounds, fragrances and tastes of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, where the gentle pace of life and serene tranquility are the perfect backdrop to explore your inner world.

My co-host for this incredible week is success coach Margarita Rozenfeld — I met her at one of her weekend visioning retreats last year. Here’s how we came to join forces: Four exhilarating but tiring years of running my business solo, and more recent changes in my personal life, made me realize it was time to retreat and refocus my dreams. I knew very little about Margarita when I saw an announcement for her weekend retreat and signed up on the spur of the moment. What followed was a life- changing weekend and at the end of it I proposed to Margarita that we join forces to hold a similar retreat in Tuscany. I knew that this magical setting would be perfect backdrop for this kind of life-altering work. And now our shared dream is a reality! Join us in Tuscany this fall and I can promise you will have the same transformative experience!