DOI’s Villa Rental Advice Featured in BusinessWeek

Dream of Italy is featured in BusinessWeek this week in the article, A Villa of Your Own for a Week. Some of the advice we passed along to the authors of the article which you can also benefit from:

  • Ask if the person you are talking to at the agency has actually visited the property. If not, ask to speak to someone who has.
  • Ask for photos of every room of the villa and ask for references from previous renters.
  • Google the name of the property (although agencies often change names to avoid you booking through a competitor) and see what you come up with.
  • If you know exactly which area of Italy you want to stay in, look for an agency that specializes only in that region; it may be better informed.
  • Ask about 24-hour service in case something goes wrong at the rental (and be sure someone at that emergency number speaks English).
  • Consider renting a villa that is on a larger estate. There are more services available and the managers probably have more experience.
  • Don’t assume there is a phone line or Internet access, ask first.

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