New Venetian Vaporetto Stop

On February 1st, a new stop was added to Venice’s Vaporetto Line 1 at the Rialto Market (Rialto/Mercato). The stop will only be open when the market is — weekdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also beginning this month, new prices went into effect for vaparetto passes. A 60-minute pass now costs 6€, 13€ for a 12-hour pass, 15€ for a 24-hour pass, 25€ for a 48-hour pass, and 30€ for a 72-hour pass. Tickets can be bought on board, and passes can be purchased at any of the large stops (P.Roma, Ferrovia, S.Zaccaria, Rialto) or at some of the smaller stops (S.Tomà, Ca d’Oro) in the morning. For more information, see — Cailin Birch