Building a House on Lake Bracciano

Has the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes wedding peaked your interest in Lake Bracciano? Below, you will find an article from the March/April 2003 issue of Dream of Italy , recounting one American woman’s adventure in building a house on the lake:

When we were Romans, we fell in love with Lake

It wasn’t hard. Lake Bracciano, less than an hour from the Colosseum as the pigeon flies, is one of the best day trips out of the Italian capital.

The lake is big, deep and clean. Three ocher-colored medieval towns, one with a rambling 16th-centurycastle, sitalong its banksand in the rollinggreen hills hugging its waters.

A long, lazy meal at one of the many sun-kissed restaurants along the shore is a favorite Roman pastime. And for us, swimming off a rented pedal boat in the lake’s blue-green water is one of life’s great pleasures. Followed by lunch.
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