Modern Art Takes to the Tracks

As if art weren’t easy enough to find in Italy, for the month of October, Trenitalia is leaving Italians and tourists with no excuse for missing out on museums. “The Art Train,” a modern art museum on wheels, is making daily stops in Italy’s major cities through October 31.

The train left Turin at the beginning of the month to start its trek down to Palermo. From Sicily, the artwork will travel back to the north, ultimately arriving in Milan for a final showcase.

Pulled mostly from private collections, the train contains works by well-known Italian artists like Giorgio Morandi (whose ‘Still Life’ is pictured) ,Giorgio de Chirico and Enrico Baj. Adorning the six-car train are paintings from the post-World War II period to present, some of which have never been displayed in public. –Shauna Maher