Party in Naples This Saturday

The city of Naples will host its second annual “La Notte Bianca” (White Night) this Saturday, September 30. The theme for this year’s event is “The Mediterranean, a Sea of Culture.” According to the organizers, “It will feature the artistic expressions of the various countries sharing this sea: not only Europe, with the multiplicity of the cultures and traditions of its southern countries, but northern African too. Naples, with its harbor and its geographic profile, is the natural landing place of Mediterranean cultures, traditions and arts.” Each new administrative area of Naples will symbolically “host” one or more Mediterranean countries. The idea is that the White Night can be experienced anywhere, and the mega party has no real center. Events include musical performances by groups from countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon, traditional southern Italian dancing and a joint Israeli-Palestinian photo exhibit. For those visiting Naples during this time, there will also be “warm-up” events on the evenings of September 28 and 29.