Turin: City of Museums

One of the reasons I love Turin is for its museums. Turin is home to some 40 museums, most of them world-class. Turin’s most famous musuem may be Museo Egizio, home to the best collection of Egyptian artifacts outside of Cairo. On my November trip to Turin, I visited the Museo del Risorgimento – the average visitor might find this museum a little dry, but as a student of Italian history, particularly during the period of Italy’s reunification, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. One highlight is the chamber that served as Italy’s first parliament.

Palazzo Madama, an art museum that contains a famous staircase constructed by Filippo Juvarra, has reopened in order to serve as the offices for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) during the Games.
Museo Nazionale della Montagna (Mountain Museum) reopened on International Mountain Day (December 11th) and boasts more modern facilities as well as a panoramic view of the mountains overlooking Turin.
Ameria Rele di Torino (Royal Armour), housed in Palazzo Rele houses some 1,200 arms that once belonged to the Savoy family.

photo source Sonia Fantoli on flickr