Boticelli Exhibit

This article originally appeared in the April 2004 issue of Dream of Italy

Boticelli Exhibit

A Sandro Botticelli exhibit–of proportions
never before seen–
is on display in Florence until July 11,
2004.The Palazzo Strozzi hosts the
reunion of some of the artist’s most
important works on loan from cities
such as Moscow,Venice, Madrid and

The paintings began their tour in
Paris last September, just finishing on
February 22. Museum-goers in
Florence, where the exhibit opened on
March 11, are privy to special works
not seen in Paris. Among these novelties
are two panels of the Annunciation
from Moscow’s Pushkin Museum, as
well as the favorite Madonna and Child
paintings from Boston, Chicago and
Edinburgh. The exhibition reveals the
creative development of one of
Renaissance Florence’s greatest
painters, from his religious scenes to
his illustrations of the Divina Commedia
to his Medici-commissioned portraits.

This tribute is rounded out with nods
to Botticelli’s contemporaries. Works
by Leonardo da Vinci and Piero di Cosimo
will be complemented by a section
dedicated to one of Botticelli’s major
influences, Filippino Lippi. For more
information, call (39) 055 2469600 or

–Kate Potterfield