Italian Roots to Italian Passport: Citizenship Step-By-Step Live February/March 2023


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“Kathy, my wife Cate and I personally thank you and your colleagues for the excellent training that you provide regarding pursuit of a dual citizenship Italy-USA. The information has been thorough and fantastic. It clarified a lot of questions that we have regarding the process.”
— Walt Drosjack, Participated in the March 2022 Workshop

“The workshop contained a lot of valuable information for the cost.  I was thrilled that it included an hour with Melanie Holtz and a few other free little extras.  I would be interested in taking other workshops in the future that build upon this basic information.”
— Bernadette Andaloro, Participated in the March 2022 Workshop

NOTE:  We encourage you to sign up and join us live in February/March 2023 but if you can’t wait until then, you can purchase the pre-recorded workshop

Do you have Italian ancestry?

Are you interested in finding out if you can claim Italian citizenship?

Are you looking for an easier way to move to, retire in or spend longer amounts of time in Italy with an Italian passport?

Join Dream of Italy host and founder Kathy McCabe (who is claiming her Italian citizenship right now) and Melanie Holtz of Lo Schiavo Genealogica for a two-part virtual workshop on tracing your ancestry, determining your citizenship eligibility.

What’s included:

  • Two sessions of the live virtual workshop – Wednesday, February 23 and Wednesday, March 1 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT
  • Video recordings of the workshop for future reference
  • Companion workbook (PDF)
  • One-hour FREE consultation with Melanie to go over your specific case and citizenship eligibility

Descendants of Italian immigrants all over the world are finding that they are eligible for Italian citizenship through descent (jure sanguinis or right of blood). Interest in reclaiming Italian citizenship has skyrocketed over the last 10 to 15 years! So much so, that challenges exist in getting timely citizenship appointments and applications approved within a reasonable timeframe. The recent pandemic has made the acquisition of the documentation necessary to prove eligibility quite a challenge.

This two-part virtual workshop will provide a detailed overview of everything you need to know about reclaiming your Italian citizenship by descent. Whether you want to apply at your local Italian consulate, need to apply through filing a court case in Italy (like Kathy is) or want to go live in Italy and apply there (an exciting alternative), this two-part workshop will tell you everything you need to know! [See below for a full outline of both sessions of the virtual workshop!]

We offer no guarantee that you will be able to pursue citizenship but you will have a clear answer after this workshop! You might want to look at some of the laws regarding Italian citizenship jure sanguinis.



Here’s what Kathy and Melanie will cover:

First Session of Two-Part Workshop – Wednesday, February 23, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET (will be recorded too)


What is Italian dual citizenship?

  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the cons?
  • Reasons people seek to claim their Italian citizenship

Determining eligibility  

  • What are the applicable laws?
  • How can you find out more about your family tree?
  • Common issues that make you ineligible
  • Sample determination case

Consulate cases 

  • Preparation of documentation
  • Consular appointments and challenges
  • Problems and pitfalls
  • What happens after approval?
  • What happens if you are denied?
  • Review of Case Study # 1

1948 cases 

  • Hiring a citizenship attorney
  • Where are these cases heard? Recent jurisdictional changes
  • Preparation of documentation – what do you need?
  • Problems and pitfalls
  • What happens after citizenship is granted?
  • Review of Case Study # 2 
  • DIY vs. Service provider

Other types of citizenship cases that are heard in Italian courts

Q & A


Second Session of Two-Part Workshop – Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET (will be recorded too)


Onsite (in-Italy) applications

Process of applying in Italy 

  • Declaring your presence
  • Requirements for residency
  • Finding a residence Types of rental contracts
  • Getting your codice fiscale (consulate or in-Italy)
  • What documentation is needed or not needed
  • Application for residency (your responsibilities and landlord’s duties)
  • Application for citizenship (Information and marco di bolla)
  • Visas
    For tourism
    For citizenship purposes (applicant)
    How to apply
    Visa appointment
  • Visa for spouses
    Type and how to apply
    Visa appointment
    Same-gender spouses
  • What happens after citizenship is granted?

Preparation of documentation

  • What documents do you need?
  • What documents don’t you need?
  • Apostilles
  • Translations and certifications

Problems and pitfalls

DIY vs. Service provider

Case Study #3 – an onsite (in-Italy) application from start to finish


  • What is it and how to register
  • Transcription of vital records

Getting your passport

  • Outside Italy
  • In Italy
  • Traveling with two passports

Q & A

You will also receive a PDF of the companion workbook and details on how to book your FREE personal one-hour consultation with Melanie on determining your eligibility for citizenship! 

You might also enjoy reading the PBS special companion book – Dream of Italy: Travel, Transform and Thrive – which includes a thorough chapter on ancestry and citizenship. Purchase a signed paperback or a digital copy of the book.

More Testimonials:

“The Italian Roots workshop provided an excellent practical guide to applying for Italian citizenship. In addition, the dialogue and questions during the workshop were fun and informative. ” — Jerry Simonelli

“I found this workshop to be highly informative and helped me determine if I’m eligible as well as what to expect with the process, what documentation needs to be gathered, the level of difficulty to do so, and the amount of time it may take. In addition, recommendations were made for consultants to help me through this process if I don’t want to risk trying to do it on my own. Highly recommend if you are considering getting your Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis!” — Susan Falcone

‘I am very happy that I decided to attend the Dream of Italy/Lo Schiavo Genealogica Italian Roots to Italian Passport: Citizenship Step-by-Step workshop.  It was such a pleasure listening to Kathy as she explained her love for Italy and the path she is pursuing to attain her goal.  She is so pleasant and friendly that she makes you feel she is connected to everyone. Melanie’s contribution was so enlightening and easy to understand.  They both worked so well together. Last night I met with Melanie to discuss the process I would have to undertake.  She was both informative and supportive.  I feel confident that I know where to start and the documents I need, Whether or not I am eligible for Italian citizenship, I am excited and looking forward to the next steps in the process.” — Joanne

“Thank you so much Kathy for a great workshop! I’m so excited to be moving ahead with my family’s 1948 case through Melanie. This is something we have been noodling for a while but weren’t sure how to proceed. Your course is making this ‘dream of Italy’ come true.” — Deborah Genovesi