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Pisa: Giugno Pisano

Unnamed Venue Pisa

Giugno Pisano is a month of festivals in Pisa in June. Among the events are openings of the town's churches at night, the Palio di San Ranieri, the Battle of the Bridge on the last Saturday in June, the Regatta every four years (the last one was held in 2015), a night opening of the Leaning Tower, and Games on ...


Pienza (Tuscany): Torneo di Panforte

Pienza Siena

Have you ever been told not to play with your food? Well the people in Pienza have, and they don't care! Here, just to the south of Siena, folks continue to keep the holiday spirit going with a friendly competition involving the throwing of panforte. This tournament takes place every year from December 26th - 30th in Pienza's city hall where ...