Oratino (Molise): La Faglia

Unnamed Venue Oratino

A 12-meter-high sugar cane torch is carried by a procession to the town center in Oratino on Christmas Eve each year. Once next to the town's bell tower, the torch is blessed by the local priest and lit to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Get your FREE copy of Dream of Italy's Christmas in Italy Guide Event photo: www.flickr.com/photos/pietro_valocchi/4237536080

Civitacampomarano (Molise): Street Art Festival

Civitacampomarano Civitacampomarano, Molise

The tiny town of Civitacampomarano, in the Molise region, may have only 400 residents, but during its Street Art Festival, it attracts thousands of visitors. Local street artists paint murals with contemporary and urban themes on the town's buildings, drawing attention and tourism to a town that has been largely abandoned since World War II. In addition, locals offer workshops on pasta making and ...


Molise: Torchlight Parade

Molise Molise

The town of Agnone in Molise has its own way of celebrating the holiday season with the annual 'Ndocciata Torch Parade. Join locals as the admire and awe in the competition for the best 'ndocce (eight foot tall torches) around! Dream of Italy is a membership website and award-winning travel publication publishing 170 issues since 2002. Get a free issue to ...