Some Italian Museums Are Indeed Open on Mondays

Guidebook listings might lead you to
believe that there’s nothing to do on a
Monday (lunedi)
in Italy. It’s true that many
museums–particularly the national museums
run by the state–close every Monday, but
privately run museums provide ample alternatives
for Italian art lovers.

Tour Venice in a Unique Way With Venice Kayak

“When we paddle around Venice, we’re away and separate from the crowd on land. They don’t matter to us, and we’re just another weird thing to photograph,” says René Seindal, co-founder of Venice Kayak.

Venice for the Holidays: Markets, Concerts and Masses

Our friend Nan McElroy, author of Italy, Instructions for Use (hint: makes a terrific stocking stuffer!) is lucky to live in Venice year-round but like most of us believes the holidays are a particularly special time of year in La Serenissima. There are Christmas markets, a special glass exhibition on the island of Murano, classical music concerts, celebrations in Piazza …

Visiting Venice in a Wheelchair

Traversing the waterways and bridges of Venice can sometimes seem like a challenge even when you are an able-bodied person but imagine being in a wheelchair? This interesting article in The Toronto Star explains how one woman, Washington, D.C. Judge Pat Broderick tackled the city despite her disability. She provides hope and some work arounds for anyone in her situation. …

Venice: Work Out As The Gondoliers Do!

Venice’s Hilton Molino Stucky has introduced a unique fitness program with a distinctively Venetian flavor: Gondolier Training! The first-of-its-kind Molino Stucky Gondolier Training provides an intense full body workout, as well as a rare glimpse into one of Venice’s timeless traditions. Participants are taught the basics, from the physical technique of balancing and using the oar, to etiquette and conduct …

Christmas and New Year’s in Venice

A few years back, for a holiday issue of Dream of Italy, I asked Ruth Edenbaum, co-author (with Shannon Essa) of the book, Chow! Venice: Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima, for tips on spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Venice as she has spent a handful of holiday seasons in the city. Below are a …