Excerpt From Always Italy by Frances Mayes with Ondine Cohane

Editor’s Note: In a world that has gone mad, let’s close our eyes and dream of Italy. No one writes about Italy the way Frances Mayes does. In the midst of the chaos, she has a stunning new book out from National Geographic – Always Italy – along with her fab travel writer extraordinaire co-author Ondine Cohane. We’re offering a …

Artful Street Fest Brings New Life to Molise Town

Roman street artist Alice Pasquini, who you may remember from Dream of Italy’s Rome episode, is the director of the 2019 CVTA’ Street Fest this June in Civitacampomarano in the little-known region of Molise in southern Italy which is the hometown of Alice’s maternal grandfather. It is the result of a loving partnership between the commune of Civitacampomarano and Alice …

Molise: Italy’s Last Undiscovered Region

It would seem that every region of Italy has been fully explored and is brimming with visitors wanting to discover ancient history or escape to a countryside retreat — but, as ever, there is still more of Italy to uncover including the region of Molise.

Molise Travel Guide — Sites, Hotels, Dining

Molise is one of Italy’s undiscovered regions. In this guide, we tell you where to stay when you’re visiting and of course where to eat in Molise. We also give suggestions of Molise sites and culinary experiences in Molise.

Tour Molise with Molise Discovery

An enthusiastic duo, with years of experience in world travel and entertainment, are at the forefront of bringing tourism to “this
untouched land” – the region of Molise in central Italy.