Live in N.Y.C.? Swap Your Pad for One in Umbria

Given the economy, the idea of home swapping for vacations is one that will only grow in popularity especially for travel to Italy. After all the dollar is stronger which makes a trip more enticing but accommodations are often the biggest expense. So what about swapping places with someone who’s interested in visiting your city?

My friends Art and Barb Skinner (that’s a photo from when I recently saw them in Umbria) would like to swap their small house in Umbria this May for an apartment in New York City. Here’s what they are looking for:

We’’d like to exchange our house for an apartment in Manhattan for two to three weeks, beginning in mid or late May. All we need is a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment, but we definitely want Manhattan, not one of the other boroughs.

Because we’ve documented our life in Italy for the past five years, it would be easy for a potential exchanger to read about our life, our house, and our town on the blog at By clicking on the “House For Sale” section in the right hand column all the info about our house is right there, including tons of photos. Our house is simple yet up-to-date, and can house two adults and two (smaller) children, or three adults.

If you’re not in the market for a N.Y.C. -Umbria exchange, you can check for other possibilities!