Another Day in Paradise: Tuscan Olive Oil Massage

Before you all start throwing tomatoes at me, please understand that I work very, very hard at running Dream of Italy. A standard week is 12 hours per day, 5 days per week and usually at least a half-day each weekend. And when I come to Italy, something I feel very blessed to be able to do, it is hardly a vacation. Friends who have traveled with me have likened the pace to the television show “The Amazing Race.” Why am I prefacing this post with all of this? Because you are going to hate me…

I decided to stop and smell the proverbial roses, or in this case would it be Rosemary bushes, and spend a few days at a Tuscan spa. I just spend too much time working and not enough taking care of myself. Anyone who has been following DOI, knows that I think Italian spas, in particular, those in Tuscany are among the most amazing places you can visit in this beautiful country. I’m spending some time at Hotel Adler Thermae in the exquisite Val d’Orcia.

I’ve just returned to my gorgeous room (see the view from my patio) after a massage. A massage using Tuscan olive oil. Mama mia. My skin smell like Rosemary and I could just practically float in the air. I’m on a schedule of a different kind this week – a treatment schedule. The “Balance Massage” was the first in three days of treatments as part of Adler’s “Balance Start” Mini-Program. In a half-hour, I have my first “Aqua Detox”, which purifies the body by removing toxins through the feet. I’ve read up on this treatment and can’t wait to try it. And then, I’m doing a series of saunas…

Oh and there’s really no reason to hate me, I can’t have it all today – it is raining in Paradise 🙁

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