My Love For Magazines

You should see my apartment. Wait, maybe not. There are magazines strewn about here and there (I am a true magazine junkie; I receive nearly every major travel magazine; as well as People, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Bark, Elle, Oprah, uhm, you get the idea.) With all of this magazine mayhem, I have had to come up with a system, if I see anything of interest or any article on Italy, I try to rip it out immediately. That magazine then goes into “the pile.”

“The pile” is one of the most commented on aspect of my home decor. It is a 5-foot tall pile of magazines in the corner of my living room. I think it is a great way to keep my magazines tidy, others aren’t so sure. I have had multiple friends make fun of it and an old boyfriend remark that I should shelac it and sell it as a work of art. I even had a dream one night that “the pile” weighed so much that the floor below it collapsed. Weird. Anyway, I do weed through the pile to give magazines to neighbors or donate them to an organization.

Anyway this whole entry started because I want to tell you what’s in the latest magazines and newspapers re: Italy. I have a bunch of those torn out articles sitting right here on my desk. I’ll start a new entry and tell you about them. And if you’re really good, maybe one day, I will take a photo of “the pile”….