I Found the Greatest Spot!!

Okay, it is not in Italy. But indulge me this little play on words and allow me to go off-topic (my other passion, besides Italy is dogs) to introduce you to this amazing Spot – a homeless smooth fox terrier I am fostering and hoping to place in a lucky home. Because the people who get Spot will be the lucky ones….

I grew up with wire fox terriers and six years ago rescued Washington Humane Society which runs the Washington, D.C. shelter (that’s where I got Cooper). Smart and sweet, she quickly became a staff favorite, with her nose earning her the nickname “our little anteater.” There’s limited room in the shelter and in order to save her life, the Fox Terrier Rescue Network took her in and she’s staying with me.

If you or someone you know is looking for an AMAZING dog who will be a great addition to the family, listen up. Five-year-old Spot not only has a sunny disposition and easygoing attitude, she’s a snuggler and loves to curl up to me while I’m watching TV or with Cooper when he’s taking a nap.

Alert and curious, she watches Cooper for tips on how to climb stairs, walk on a leash and use her short legs to jump on the bed. She is definitely housebroken and unlike a puppy is on perfect behavior (no chewing or barking while I’m out). It actually takes a lot for her to make a peep! This is how great Spot is: When I gave her a bath, she stood still in the bathtub, happily wagging her tail. How many dogs do that?

She LOVES people and other dogs and I think she might do well in a family with children. Spot deserves a loving forever family who will fall in love with her as I have. If you are interested in Spot, please contact me or Susan with Fox Terrier Rescue.