Thoughts: Travel to Italy in the Near Future

Given today’s events, I have been giving some thought as to how travel to Italy may be affected. I’ve also consulted with other Italy specialists on their thoughts and experiences today. It may be wishful thinking, but I’m feeling pretty confident that people won’t be detered from traveling to Italy and that cancellations will be few.

I think this has been the strongest year for travel to Italy since 9/11.It has been hard to secure a seat (planes are packed) and people have been planning their trips for months. I don’t think they will cancel as readily as they have in the past.

I venture to guess that the flying public, while rattled by today’s events, is getting more used to this new reality.We’re approaching the 5th anniversary of 9/11, some travelers waited a few years to get back to Europe and Italy. I’m sure they are thinking, are we going to wait another few years again? Life is too short for that and if there’s anything Italian culture encourages is to enjoy life today!

I think today’s events will affect American tourism to the U.K. (which was already suffering because of the strong British pound – a trip to London can be far more expensive than a trip to Rome).

I’ve spoken to a handful of Italy specialists and travel agents and out of all of them, one had a single cancellation for someone who was flying to Italy through London and she cited today’s events as part of the reason.
So flights through London to the rest of Europe, i.e. the budget airlines
flying out of London, may see fewer American fliers. Promising news: today some of the agents booked new trips to Italy.