Tips For Buying a Home in Italy

In the May issue, Dream of Italy subscriber Ruthellyn Musil tells chronicles the process of how she and her husband came to buy a home in Chianti. (Ruthellyn also reveals some wonderful restaurants and shops she has discovered while visiting her house in Chianti.) Her she shares some basic tips for anyone considering buying property in Italy:

1. Build on acquaintances and friendships with others who have an interest in Italy. “Network” as much as possible, via e-mail and telephone. If you’ve been fortunate to make friends in Italy, you’ll find them invaluable during your purchase process.
2. Spend time living in or near the place you are considering for purchase.
3. Establish a relationship with a lawyer and banker whom you can trust.
4. If restoring, the project manager will make or break the project. Be sure you trust him/her and work at communicating clearly and regularly. 5. If buying a finished home, understand the customs of Italy. For example, kitchen cabinets (and sometimes appliances) are considered furniture, and may be removed by the sellers. Try to get to know— and hopefully trust—your sellers.
6. Remember and respect that you are doing business in Italy. Be willing to accept the culture and the way of doing business; expect to be both frustrated and fulfilled.
7. Keep a close eye on the dollar-euro exchange rate.

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